Monday, November 2, 2009


1. THE PHILLIES: Alright, so as of last night it looks like the Phillies might not make it all the way, but we sure had fun watching them make it to the World Series. First we crammed ourselves into the El Bar, then we crammed ourselves into the Piazza, and it was seriously like being in the stadium (except we got to bring our own beer!).

2. CHARCUTERIE/CHEESE PLATE: Mom was visiting family in Allentown, so she stopped by to visit a few days before my birthday. We went to the Swift Half Pub at the Piazza to enjoy a charcuterie/cheese plate, caesar salad, and some buffalo shrimp which were delicious. Thanks Mom!

3. iPHONE 3GS: A few weeks ago Shaun and I agreed with each other that we wouldn't go all-out for our birthdays the way we did last year, to save money and all. Little did I know that he had been plotting to get me an iPhone for months. I was completely shocked and excited and now I have an iPhone!! Thanks Shaun!

4. APPLES: Did I mention that we were planning on going apple-picking on my birthday? Well, it was pouring the night before, so when I got back from visiting with Nicole and Mike there was a branch in our living room with apples tied to it. Shaun had also tied little aluminum foil apples with little presents inside. And the last foil apple? The Apple gift card, OF COURSE! SO PERFECT!

5. DEL FRISCO'S V.I.P.: Last week Kati invited me to a party at the auction house where she works, where we had free wine and looked at some art. Afterward Kati suggested going to Del Frisco's, where her boyfriend works, and boy was that a good idea! We were treated to these pineapple V.I.P. drinks on the house, and happy hour priced appetizers. It was the fancy-pantsiest night I've had probably EVER.

6. LEPP COOKIES: October is all about birthdays, since Shaun's and mine are only a week apart. And every year, without fail, Shaun's mom sends him Lepp cookies, and every year I get a little bit more addicted. Thanks Shaun's mom!

7. THE WAITING ROOM: A few months ago someone got the idea that our group of friends should dress up as characters from Twin Peaks. Fittingly, Shaun went as The Man From Another Place, and I went as his "cousin" (aka Laura Palmer). I have to say, everyone really pulled through and our collective costumes were freaking amazing.

8. POOR PUMPKIN: We carved this pumpkin at my birthday party (hot spiked cider at Kati's house!) but unfortunately he totally collapsed on himself by Halloween. (Speaking of Halloween, we went to the Bates Motel somewhere west of the city and OH MY GOD was it scary. Definitely the scariest haunted attraction I've ever been to, second to Eastern State Terror Behind the Walls. Being the lone girl in a group of four OF COURSE meant that I was constantly attacked! Unfair! They were just as scared!)


katiwithanilovesyou said...

I like this blog. Mostly because I'm mentioned on it. Also because your awesome pumpkin is on it. I was just on your website and had never seen your polar bear illustration! I love it.

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