Sunday, January 24, 2010


I'm a bit late with this post, but we moved into a new apartment January 1st, so between all the moving and settling in, I sorta forgot. But here goes!

1. CHRISTMAS VILLAGE: I was in Reading with Shaun and his family for Christmas this year, and one of the highlights was when Shaun's parents took us to Christmas Village. It's a very strange, kinda creepy, but ultimately charming farm set up with Christmas lights, character cut-outs and little houses with scenes inside. One of the last buildings holds a miniature train set town, which more than anything made me want to go back to Roadside America sometime.

2. COOKIE CUTTERS: Amongst other great gifts, Shaun's parents got me a set of cookie cutters in the shape of BUNNIES! With a little carrot! I can't wait to use them, but I've got to figure out a good cookie that won't crumble around the ears.

3. CHRISTMAS VILLAGE (part 2): Another sight from Christmas village; I think this sparkly M came from a sign that says "God Bless America," which I don't think has much to do with Christmas...but let's pretend it said "Melissa!" instead, k?

4. PEANUT BUTTER BLOSSOMS: It was Kati's birthday in December, so I made these cookies for her! And saved some for myself, duh. PS - The Lady Gaga song count at Kati's party was probably about 25, AND the Bad Romance music video somehow made an appearance!? Viva La Ga!

5. SNOW: Finally. After more than 6 years schooling/living in the Philadelphia area, we finally got a decent blizzard. I seriously love snow, so much that I don't even care if Philadelphia doesn't have its act together enough to plow any of the streets that I use, OR shovel any sidewalks. We would have been pretty much stuck inside all day, but our friend was in town with his trusty Subaru, so a bunch of us went on an adventure to sled on the art museum steps. I was skeptical that the sledding would be fun on concrete stairs, but there was enough snow that you couldn't feel the steps at all; it was a blast. (Oh, I've had this hat for awhile, but it was an integral part of sledding-day.)

6. ORNAMENTS: I don't have lots of disposable income at the moment, so Shaun and I decided to make presents for his family this year. I made everyone's initials out of Fimo clay, and attached little blue ornaments and candy canes with ribbon. I'm actually amazed at how well the letters turned out, especially the script-y ones; I should think of other applications for this...

7. MOVING BOXES: Like I mentioned earlier, we moved. So we've been up to our eyeballs in fact, we STILL have boxes in our apartment, even though we're mostly settled in. I just posted some to craigslist, so cross your fingers that someone will take them!

8. FRIENDSGIVING: Shaun and I were invited to a Friendsgiving at our friend Nike's house this year. I'll have to admit, potlucks in our circle of friends tend to include cheap bread, dry store-bought cookies, and bizarre experimental concoctions—but this potluck was of a different variety. Everyone really brought great stuff, and the food was gourmet and delicious. I brought pumpkin bread pudding, and also assisted Nike in gravy-making, care of my mom's tried-and-true recipe. And also, we made handprint turkeys, and this one was mine. :)


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