Saturday, June 12, 2010


1. CRABS: Nuff said. Ok, well actually we got these crabs at Waterman's Crab House in Rock Hall, MD when we went camping. As if a tray full of crabs wasn't fun enough, there was a live cover band, tons of people dancing, AND we were right on the bay. Totally rad.

2. ROOFTOP GARDENING: I grew up helping my parents grow vegetables our garden plot, so living in apartments with no outside space has been rough! We still don't have a backyard or a deck or anything...but we do have our neighbor's roof right outside our kitchen window. And one fateful day we found a white wooden door discarded by our apartment, so with some 2x4 scraps, plants bought from Greensgrow, and some sweat we now have our very own container garden! Two tomatoes, a pepper plant, zucchini, and basil and lemon balm. Keep your fingers crossed!

3. NEW MUSICS: Been listening to Miike Snow a lot lately, as well as Marina and the Diamonds. So much so that I might have killed those albums, but until I find something else new, these will have to do!

4. GARDEN: Speaking of helping my parents with their garden, this year I got to help them plant a slew of tomatoes while I was home in May. I even tried to keep track of what kind of tomatoes we planted in a little map, with a legend denoting if it was grown from seed, what kind of fertilizer we fed it, etc. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the map the next day because...

5. STREP THROAT: What?? Who gets strep throat anymore these days? The night after we worked in the garden I started getting a little achey while we watched a movie. The next morning I had a full-blown fever and major unhappiness. After about an hour of debating if we should go the clinic or not, I finally conceded and despite my confidence that I wasn't going to have strep, in fact I did. The ONLY good thing about the whole ordeal was that I was at home, so my mama could take care of me. Felt kinda nice to be 8 again.

6. CAMPING: At the opposite end of the month we finally made a move to go camping for Memorial Day weekend with Dustin, Kati, Giaco, Alan and Megan. After hours and hours of searching for a place (most were totally booked, or didn't allow unrelated adults to stay on one site!? Seriously??) I found a place that had spots available, no crazy water-slides or ponies for kids, allowed unrelated adults, and was beer-friendly. Oh, and it was right on the Chesapeake bay! Aside from offering little/no shade, I'd say it was completely ideal. Thanks Bayshore Camping!

7. POISON IVY: Oh but wait, did I mention the poison ivy? We first realized that we had an enemy to contend with as soon as we got there, but we all took precautions to avoid it. We did pretty good, but on the last day a couple of us saw some patches starting to appear on our legs. I could just as easily put this rotten plant in my June post, because it's June 13th as I write this, and I'm STILL itching!

8. PHILLIES: Another year, another trip with Steven and Ashlee to see the Phillies! Basically, we should be invited by Charlie himself to all their games, because the two that we've all been to together have been incredible. Grand slams, home run after home run, major comebacks...we're good luck! GoPhils.


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