Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad sandwich!

You know how, if you're a wimpy critic, you might employ the "sandwich" method of criticism — say something nice, then something harsh, then something nice again to round it out.

Well, my day has been exactly the opposite of the nice sandwich.

I woke up this morning to the sound of chainsaws (never a good sign) and realized that our neighbors were cutting down all of the amazing foliage in their backyard...gorgeous ivy on the fence, and a beautiful tree! This unfortunate occurrence is compounded by the fact that since we are refused outside space in this apartment, gazing longingly into the neighbor's backyard is the closest to greenery I can get. I have always been overly emotional when people cut down trees (it makes my insides hurt!), which is infuriating because it seems like no matter where I live people are always cutting them down. In fact, just a few months after we moved into our current apartment, the tree directly out front was cut error on the part of the glorious city of Philadelphia, who were asked to merely TRIM the tree...NOT cut it down!!!

Anyway...I evacuated my apartment echoing with the sound of dying trees to go to Reading Terminal Market to pick up some groceries — it was lovely. I rode my bike with my new rear basket; I bought an iced coffee to cool down and wandered around, checking out which vendors I would patronize; I bought food from the Fair Food Farmstand and felt great about it; and I bought a chunk of gorgonzola cheese and I want to eat it all right now. It was truly a good time.

Then on the way home the temperature was surprisingly cooperative and I was in a great mood...UNTIL MY CHAIN POPPED OFF...THREE TIMES WITHIN LIKE 5 BLOCKS. I ended up having to walk it home from 3rd and Callowhill. What a bummerfest.

This was never intended to be a rant blog, so here are happy pictures of my food: a pattypan squash and mutant zucchini from my parents' garden, and the best-looking red pepper I've ever seen (from the FFF):


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